Dr. Hansaji is a global symbol of peace, balanced living and Yoga. Dr. Hansaji is the Director of The Yoga Institute and President of the Indian Yoga Association. Dr. Hansaji is the Co-Founder and Mentor of Nispand app. Nispand is a premium meditation app by The Yoga Institute, which has 1000+ authentic and scientific guided meditations. In a lifetime dedicated to service, over 1 lakh yoga teachers have been trained under the guidance of Dr. Hansaji. Maa has personally conducted more than 1.5 lakh theoretical and practical Yoga sessions. Through this, millions have benefited, gained spiritual enlightenment and improved their physical and mental health. In 1989, Smt. Hansaji alongside Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra, helped design the Yoga education syllabus for schools, which was implemented throughout the country by NCERT, BMC schools, University of Mumbai and benefited lakhs of students. Dr. Hansaji has led the Householders Yoga Movement with a deep commitment to service, well-being and growth of common people. Through this movement, it has been her life’s mission and purpose to simplify and spread the teachings of Classical Yoga to the masses.

Under her leadership, The Yoga Institute has been awarded the Prime Minister’s award by Honourable PM Shri. Narendra Modiji for Outstanding Contribution in the field of Yoga. Hansaji is a Yoga guru and a philanthropist with a vision for social welfare. Dr. Hansaji has committed and dedicated her life to helping others lead healthy and happy lives. With compassion, empathy and understanding, Dr. Hansaji has been able to patiently listen to people’s problems, feel their emotions and guide them in this journey called life. With her charismatic personality and kind & humble attitude, Dr. Hansaji continues to influence and shape millions of people across the globe through physical and digital platforms.

  • Topic : Yoga - A Holistic Approach for Health and Wellbeing
  • Time : 10.30 AM to 11:30 PM
  • Venue : Pandit Farms

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