Gaiea Sanskrit

Gaiea Sanskrit

Vedic Chanting

Brief Bio

Gaiea learned Sanskrit from the age of 4, she sang in a choir, wrote songs, musical theatre and comedy shows, sang in a jazz and pop band and one day included a Sanskrit song in a gig.

One day she uploaded a video to YouTube looping Sanskrit phrases and it went viral, people loved the meditative aspect, and the free flowing intuitive way of singing and “Gaiea Sanskrit” was born. Since then, Gaiea has written and recorded hundreds of songs, over 20 albums and has been invited to sing around the world.

Professional Experience

Work History :

Gaiea learned Sanskrit in London since the age of 4, and has a degree in Sanskrit from Oxford University, where she also had a choral scholarship. She was a stand up comic, wrote musicals, and many songs, and went onto a Masters in Music Theatre and later qualified as a teacher of The Alexander Technique.

Achievements :

The artist performs at festivals, retreats and events, and conducts Sanskrit workshops and courses. She has also started Cosmic Choir, a Sanskrit singing group.

Industry Recognition :

Gaiea enjoys a huge following on YouTube. While most of her subscribers are from India, she also caters to the audience from America, Spain, Germany, England and many other places across the world.

Gaiea is also a scholar of Upanishads

Upcoming Events

  • Topic : Harmony of Healing: Exploring Sanskrit Chants for a Healthy Mind and Body | Rama Krishna Gayatri
  • Schedule : 1 Dec, 3 Dec | 5.00 PM, 10:15AM
  • Venue : Pandit Farms, Karvenagar, Pune
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