Mukhtiyar Ali

Mukhtiyar Ali

Folk and Sufi Singer

Brief Bio

Mir Mukhtiyar Ali trained under his father as a young boy. His genius was evident even as a child and soon his music blossomed. Listening to him one is instantly transported to an altogether different realm, where the earthy directness of folk music and the complex octaves of classical traditions merge to give the listener an unforgettable experience.

Mukhtiyar is from a semi nomadic community called the “Mirasi community from the Thar Desert area in Rajasthan and the 26th generation of Sufi Musicians who is successfully keeping the “sufiana Qalam alive, despite many economic hardships and the onslaught of globalisation which threatens to dilute much of the folk traditions and music forms.

Professional Experience

Work History :

He fearlessly collaborates with versatile contemporary musicians, film directors and singers such as Mathias Duplessy, Vasundhara Das, Shabnam Virmani, Sophia Charai, Ameth Male, Paul Jacob etc.

Achievements :

Besides the Sufiana kalam, he also sings Kafi, Qawwali, ghazals, bhajans and kabir vani. He has to his credit 2 albums released out by Srishti School of Art and Design and Technology in Bangalore, as part of the Kabir project under Sabnam Virmani. has recorded with African singer Ameth Male (“Arguai” to be released) with the Moroccan singer Sophia Charai (“Pichu” released by Universal Classic & Jazz in 2011) is part of Times Music Sufi Masterpieces II with his song Mera Sohan Sajan 2010.

Among the many countries he has been invited to perform abroad are Belgium, Sweden, China, Germany, France, Morocco, Canada, and Singapore among others

Expertise and Topics

Areas of Expertise :

Besides the Sufiana kalam, he also sings Kafi, Qawwali, ghazals, bhajans and kabir vani.

Upcoming Events

  • Topic : Sufi Serenity: An Enchanting Night with Muktiyar Ali's Soulful Sufi Music
  • Schedule : 3 Dec | 6.30 PM
  • Venue : Pandit Farms, Karvenagar, Pune
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