Sri M

Sri M

Yogi and Spiritual Guide

Brief Bio

Entranced by mystical stories of Sufi saints and a brief encounter with a numinous Swami at a relatively young age, he was not only drawn to the ‘truth’ but also the compelling landscape of the snow-clad Himalayas. At the age of nine, his spiritual transformation was initiated by his future Master, Babaji (also known as Maheshwarnath Babaji), who miraculously appeared under a jackfruit tree in the compound of his house in Thiruvananthapuram. Though only fleeting, this meeting definitively set the stage for their future reunion in the Himalayas at Sri M’s age of nineteen.

Professional Experience

Work History :

While traveling to Haridwar – the gateway to Badrinath and Kedarnath – his name and appearance evolved to that of a jigyasu (seeker of truth). His journey progressed to Rishikesh, where he lived in the Divine Life Society for couple of weeks. During this interlude, he practiced yoga, attended Upanishad classes, visited nearby ashrams, and interacted with seemingly enlightened holy men in search of his own Master.

Achievements :

In 2011, he wrote his memoir “Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master – A Yogi’s Autobiography“, which became an instant bestseller. A sequel, “The Journey Continues” was published in 2017. Sri M has also authored several texts on the Upanishads, on Meditation, and a novel “Shunya”. His book ‘On Meditation – Finding infinite bliss and power within,’ was published by Penguin India.

Two books were released in 2020 – ‘Homecoming and Other Short Stories’, a collection of short stories again by Penguin and a translation and commentary on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras – titled ‘Yoga also for the Godless’ published by Westland Publications. All his books have been translated into many Indian languages

Industry Recognition :

Padma Bhushan in January 2020, one of the highest civilian awards of India, for distinguished service of high order in spirituality.

Expertise and Topics

Areas of Expertise :

The Government of India has invited Sri M, to be a part of the C20 Core Committee, which provides a platform for Civil Society Organizations (CSO) around the world to voice the people’s aspirations with the world leaders in G20, and to promote social and economic development for all.

Upcoming Events

  • Topic : A Talk on Upanishads
  • Schedule : 1 Dec, 3 Dec | 6:30 PM, 11:15 AM
  • Venue : Pandit Farms, Karvenagar, Pune
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