Sri M

Sri M

Yogi and Spiritual Guide

Yoga, the way to Infinite potential – A talk by Sri M

What do we mean by Yoga? Is Yoga only limited to the ‘asanas’ and ‘pranayama’ that are taught and practiced by people across the globe today?

Yoga is a science to identify the infinite potential within us of which only a tiny part of it is used in daily life. When one excels and is successful in any field of his or her life, it’s still only this small part that is being tapped into. Our ancient scriptures say that this energy which is not kinetic but potential and when understood and guided, can lead one to a successful, joyful life.

Sri M, a spiritual guide and an exponent of the philosophy of Yoga will speak on how a step-by-step approach to the study and practice of Yoga can help expand our minds and foray into dimensions that are not within our reach today. His talk will focus on the ways of drawing from this deep, true potential energy in us. The talk will be based on our ancient scriptures like the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita and will be interspersed with practical and tested techniques from his own life.

  • Topic : A Talk on Upanishads
  • Schedule : 1 Dec, 3 Dec | 6:30 PM, 11:15 AM
  • Venue : Pandit Farms, Karvenagar, Pune
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