Maintain Health through Naad Yoga

Maintain Health through Naad Yoga

Every person should devote just one hour to themselves each day. Try to find answers to questions like ‘What is the purpose of my life?’, ‘What is my identity?’, etc. Naad Yoga or Sound therapy plays an important role in communicating with one’s inner self. People are gradually waking up to the importance of this form of meditation to attain peace and the effect it has on one’s physical health. During ‘Swasthyam’, I will make people experience how health can be maintained through the Naad Yoga method.

– Priyanka Patel, Founder, Sound Healing India

My journey from learning classical music to becoming a Naad Yogini was musical. Music gave me an identity. I started learning classical music when I was 11. My Guru used to always tell me to have a steady mind. I did not understand the meaning of his advice then but over time I learnt how one can have a steady mind while experiencing sound vibrations. After I got married, from the year 2010, my journey towards sound therapy started. Back then, people had not realised that it is a form of therapy. When I started posting pictures of the ‘bowl’ used for sound therapy on Facebook, many people wondered what exactly does the sound coming from this ‘bowl’ do. The concept of the ‘Singing Bowl’ was new at that time. Now, of course, quite a few people know about it. I have been practising music since 2016. It was only after encouraging people to incorporate music into their lifestyles that I began using music as a healing catalyst.

Mental and emotional health

Yoga is the most important treasure of our culture. It includes Pranayama, mudras and asanas. In each asana, you are taught eight principles. By following these eight principles, not only your body but also your mind and spirit can become stable. Mental and emotional health need as much attention as physical health. There are still some misgivings about mental health in our society. Many people do not even accept that they have a mental health issue. And if the issue gets out of hand, they avoid going to psychiatrists and therapists for treatment. The main reason is the fear of society. Some are scared to share their problems with others fearing that it will make them appear weak in front of people. Of course, this is not completely unfounded. But nowhere it is written that everyone should know everything and should be able to solve each of their problems. The mental health issue is a serious matter and it should be treated in time. Seeking help from a therapist or psychiatrist is useful and important if one has to overcome it.

A glimpse of Indian Culture

Yoga reflects Indian culture. The world has adopted Yoga to experience a glimpse of our culture. Yoga enables the practitioner to maintain health. Therefore, it has made a global impact and Western countries also prefer our culture, meaning Yoga.

Nowadays, there is competition in every sector. It has disturbed our daily routine. Work stress, wrong eating habits, sleep pattern and lack of exercise have affected our health. As a result, many health problems such as depression, insomnia, overthinking, high blood pressure and high blood sugar have surfaced.

Everyone should think, if our health is not good, what use is the money we have earned? If we have to truly enjoy life, we must give it a proper direction and indulge in a balanced amount of daily activity. We can adopt a balanced lifestyle through Yoga, Pranayama, Naad Yoga…

Practising music through ‘Swasthyam’

Every person is born with sound. Interestingly, we develop this sense when we are in the womb. So, the aim is to create awareness among a maximum number of people and give them a new direction to live life through Naad Yoga or music. At ‘Swasthyam’, we will step into the world of music and achieve harmony between our inner sounds and external sounds. Although this method is simple, people will get a different experience from it. They will know their real self and get a direction in which they should proceed in life. So, everyone should get on this journey of experiences. Come and participate in Swasthyam to get a first-hand experience of things like how we connect through sound, how sound is linked to health and what are its benefits.

— Akshata Pawar


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