Swasthyam 2022: What is a mental disorder?

What is a mental disorder?

A mental illness or disorder is a medical condition that can alter a person’s thoughts, emotions, mental state, and day-to-day behaviour. Such people are unable to face crises and problems in their daily life at their full capacity. Mental disorders can affect people of all ages, genders, communities and groups.

State of mental health in the country:

According to a World Health Organization report, 7.5% of India’s population suffers from some form of mental disorder. India accounts for 15% of global mental and neurological disorders. The report reveals that there are only three psychiatrists per one million population in India and the number of psychologists is even less. This means that the ratio is 18 times lower than the prescribed 5.6 psychiatrists per 100,000 population.

Rate of Helpline Utilisation for Counselling (Figures in percentage)

Male: 62.9

Women: 37.1

According to the age

18 to 29: 8.1

30 to 49: 21.4

50 to 69: 49.4

More than 70: 21.1

According to the standard of living

Semi-urban: 48.1

Urban: 47

Rural: 4.9


According to education

Graduates: 42

Post Graduate Degree: 20.5

Highly educated: 14.9

Diploma, Primary, Secondary: 22.6


Private Sector Employees: 30.1

Other Employees: 17.4

Students: 11.9

Professionals: 11.1

Homemakers, Unemployed, Retired, Farmers: 29.5

The following factors lead to depression

Around 49.9% of calls to the Helpline are regarding anxiety, irritability, stress and anxiety due to mental disorders, and depression. Around 18.5% of calls are about depression caused by relationship stress, problems in marital life, and one-sided love while 8.7%. of calls are about depression caused by financial problems in jobs and business. This is followed by the number of calls regarding genetic diseases, mental health issues, and depression caused by Corona.

Meditation for peace of mind

When an adverse situation or problem arises, our mind is full of emotions. In that case, we get emotional and forget our strengths, status, skills, and qualities in the present. We are constantly thinking about why this event or event happened in our lives, how to get out of this situation and how we should prevent such a problem and event from happening again tomorrow. Because of such thoughts and questions, we do not think properly, scientifically, situationally, and consciously. In such a case, due to meditation, the tension in our mind is removed and the mind becomes happy, free from anxiety and worry. Through the practice of meditation, we become aware of our strengths, positions, skills, and qualities in the present moment.

Meditation strengthens our minds, so no matter what crisis or problem arises before us, we can remain happy. Regular meditation creates inner energy in our mind, it is only because of this energy that we can face many challenges and problems effectively. Regular meditation helps to increase our emotional resilience. Also, meditation is an important way to de-stress the mind.

What should be prepared for ‘Meditation’?

• A place for meditation should be chosen with a quiet environment, so that one can concentrate fully without any disturbance while meditating in a quiet place.

• The practice of meditation should be regular, it is better to meditate continuously. Regular meditation enables us to evaluate the positive effects it has on us.

• It is necessary to do some light physical exercise before meditation. Physical exercise helps loosen muscles.

‘Svastham’ for a wholesome, healthy life

In modern, competitive and fast-paced life, our body and mind get very tired. Due to this stress increases, mental health deteriorates. It increases the level of depression. Despite many efforts, the stress does not go away. In such a situation, meditation, pranayama and yoga are the best solutions to keep the body and mind stable and healthy. Also, the citizens must have scientific guidance to maintain their physical and mental health. Recognizing this need of the citizens, under the ‘We are in this together’ campaign of ‘Sakal Madhyam Group’, a three-day ‘Swasthayam’ activity for complete health is being organized from 9th to 11th December at five different places in Pune.

Get involved like this…

Citizens of all ages and walks of life can participate in this innovative initiative ‘Swasthayam’ to maintain mental and physical health. Also, various organizations and groups working in the fields of yoga, pranayama, spirituality, fitness etc. will also be able to participate. For that you can register by opening the following website.


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