Classical music provides mental peace: Ustad Rashid Khan

Classical music provides mental peace: Ustad Rashid Khan

“We must preserve India’s classical music tradition. For that, we must learn and listen to good music. There is a growing interest in music among the youth. They need to find the right Guru and take the tradition forward,” said vocalist Ustad Rashid Khan at ‘Sakal Swasthyam’.  

Here’s what Ustad said…

What impact does Indian classical music have on mental health?

Listening to music is essential for mental health. Music has a good impact on everyone. As far as Indian music is concerned, it has extremely powerful notes. It has a good rhythm, so listening to it brings peace of mind. The notes touch the mind. This is why the idea of using music for therapy has come forward.

How do you think the world looks at Indian music?

Indian classical music enjoys a very high position globally. The rhythm in our music makes it stand out. When I go abroad for events, I realise how much people love our music. Not only the non-resident Indians but also the citizens of those countries listen to our music with great concentration. I experience it in countries like Germany, France, Switzerland, etc. Connoisseurs intently listen to our music. This is the strength of our music. The international fans of our music are increasing by the day.

Is the youth moving towards classical music?

Yes, youngsters have grown a liking for classical music. They not only want to listen to it but also want to learn it. Classical music is reaching the young generation in a good way. This is a positive development for carrying the tradition forward. But we must not forget that our previous generations have worked hard to preserve this tradition. Indian music should not only be listened to but it should also touch the hearts. The new students should take efforts for that.

It should be noted that there is a difference between classical music and light music. Each of them sounds different to the ears. Artists should develop the ability to perform music that the audience would want to listen to. We grew up listening to the music of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, Ustad Amir Khan, Ustad Vilayat Khan, etc. Bhimsenji exists in the new generation and also in our generation. Indian classical music tradition should be carried forward.

What do you think about the ‘Swasthyam’ initiative?

It’s a very good initiative. Music is good for mental peace. When the artist comes up with a fine rendition, s/he also feels very good. Mental health is very important today and Indian music’s role in it is important too.


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